DarkMamba is a independent Private Military Company formed by
ex military corps and ex special forces. We operate worlwide.

We offer these services with total maximum privacy.
Prices varies case by case. You must ask.

Killing people
Kill common people
Kill important people (without bodyguards)
Kill very important people (with bodyguards)
Kill a big boss (with many bodyguards)
Kidnapping common people
Kidnapping important people
Kidnapping very important people (with bodyguards)
Stealth Work
Murder that seems an accident
Sabotage (house, car, etc.)
Poisoning with no tracks
Kill someone and blame another
Heavy work
Exterminate an armed band
Placing explosives
Blast people, car, houses
Injure common people
Injure important people (without bodyguards)
Injure very important people (with bodyguards)
Particular requests
If you have particular request, ask us


1) Payment is made in bitcoins to ensure maximum privacy
2) A little advance is needed before starting a job
3) Contact us if you are really interested only
4) We accept FULL ESCROW for the advance

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Dark Mamba Team (darkmamba@premiumvendor.net)